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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 6, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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evealed and look into a big food service contract at o'hare airport. wgn news @ 9 outpouring of residents in a lake you never tonight concerned about the beating and stabbing of a man a few days ago caught on tape and an increase in crime overall, top story >> the meeting still got started at 7:00 p.m. and now two hours later still people live up to say what solutions perhaps can be offered to solve the crime issue in the area. at least 16 loud and contentious not all the pilots but race and gender and
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the youth in the area, packed auditorium at the inter american back at school. concerned over a video that surfaced when a group of about 15 stabbing a young man on north halstead/ makanda against a wall an example of a rise in the violence >> why are you telling the media at all the incident in recent weeks some what i attacked bamut why is the first solution to the problem the policing of our neighborhood rather than putting $50,000 towards all bus shelters safety in schools >> comments we have heard out here tonight just before the meeting a group youth who met with the media saying that is a fear that minority youths are
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being blamed for crime and what to set the record straight by the way police and aldermen tunney not at the podium get somebody people trying to offer solutions to get comments but they have said in the past and yesterday it was an isolated case following up on a number of leads and they have designated resources to try to solve the crime issue in the area. very latest live in lake view, >> tried to stop a fist fight about a beverly teen is dead authorities have a warrant out play chicago teenagers they believe through the deadly punch late at the end of fourth of july and long beach indiana >> we are outside mount carmel high school 17 year-old described as kind and gentle and a funny only child of the
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chicago firefighter bed that night after fourth of july beating on the beach. >> only way to describe cabin is perfect >> quoting what occurred that use friends kind word from a teenager boy described and 17 year-old kevin kennelly, died this morning at two days after a fight broke out in long beach indiana. said a girl hit 80 dangers brad when he tried to intervene took the next hit. >> friend had been punched anti stepdad and said stop >> ted knight indiana authorities looking for a boy of chicago charged with aggravated battery involuntary manslaughter and battery so far no sign family awaited further word about rest the night then add dozens of friends remember the guy they said was a stellar baseball and soccer player >> made baseball practice on every day it >> but also a great human being.
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>> he was perfect he will be best >>missed >> no or arrests have been made at this hour service is scheduled for friday and saturday night >> caught in crossfire in nine year-old boy latest victim of chicago by lintz ted knight family and community try to make sense >> good evening in the boy has been identified by family members as a nine year old ivan burns jr. in critical condition at this hour hospital spokesman says condition has stabilized. tonight dozens of people in chicagos roseland committee came together in support of the boy and family. >> the tragedy this morning that but prayer vigil in front of the city hall where the died your old boy was shot just after 3:00
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a.m. boy at father went to the backyard to bring in the family dog, family behind the sound of gunshots rang out, nine year-old in the back of the head. rushed to christ medical center and oaklawn in critical condition >> very smart and active child love to have fun love to talk >> first block of east 100th place in chicago roseland neighborhood huge section roped off by police combed for clues boy identified as ivan burns jr. fourth grader at benesch elementary school nearby, anxiously awaiting updates on condition police did not believe boy was intended target father set off camera does not believe he was targeted e there. either. tonight's cease-fire organize to
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teach peace march 17 year-old shot to death at the intersection of 107th and wentworth mothers joining me tonight to peace march. >> it is terrible our family we are going through so much just put down the big guns please please put down the gun battle that the police had a leg investigation no arrests have been made >> chicago city council okayed should range as port gun owners ruled the law banning firing ranges rolled it hard to gun owners' constitutional rights mayor emmanuel said council action essential to preserve gun control and safety former police superintendent and current deputy director at the chicago crime commission, al qaed jody weis
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taken on a new roll plan to support crime fighting efforts gangs and guns and drugs group causes of crime >> another heads up warning by the transportation security agency, says al qaeda terrorists may be considered using bomb implants to surgically implanted into suicide bombers through airport security called belly bombs, explosives could be implanted in the body and set off without being detected by existing security technology. joining us on our 5:00 news with a perspective the terrorist and molest >> these things happen constant back-and-forth between their capabilities and our defense of responses people should not panic. no greater damage today than yesterday. more passenger scrutiny for people coming into the united states from abroad. i did not expect it to be over the he based it >> said the new threat would not be visible through body scans
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can't preserve a trace detection swabs procedure rarely used in this country >> big money airport concession contract at o'hare airport that the next why companies with losing bids crying foul raising serious questions about the length of the deal >> also reaching but the treetops to achieve your fiscal >> tom skilling says we have a few nice days brewing before serious heat returns for the weekend. wgn news @ 9
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$149.99. now on america's largest, most reliable high-speed network. verizon. wgn news @ 9 the execution of concession agreements for o'hare international airport >> did you hear that sound of a multi billion dollar deal and it works. next it with dozens of ordinances listened closely >> execution of a concession agreement o'hare international airport >> just like that city of chicago water down the runway to a 20 year deal for concession
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contract at o'hare international terminal >> good for the city taxpayers at the economic competitiveness of the international terminal >> under mayor daley westfield people to run many of american balls beat out two other heavy companies to redesign the terminal but not a done deal even as of yet losing bidder in chicago aviation partners fighting back cap represented by former cook county state's attorney dick devine batt but clear from looking at the numbers that the cap proposal is better for the city over the westville proposal to the tune of over $100 million >> 140 billion if you add up rates to terminal 5 >> you need to do an awful lot of special things to overcome $148 billion deficit on the economic return to the city it does not make sense to 140 million >> dollar amount bounce around
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depending on who is talking the mayor says the city will receive about 5.1 million and readnt them out when you speak to the unit that represents employees >> this is a bad deal for chicago taxpayers the cost chicago taxpayers $129 million a lease that the city has seems to have chosen the worst of the three companies >> 20 year contract chicago aldermen stunned by the parking meter scandal have been reluctant to sign onto another long-term deal although head of the aviation department >> they have mad about this city council members and have expressed concerns at the that some of those concerns were answered now we need to put it before the aviation committee at the city council at the end of
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july >> here is how the concerns were answered mayor negotiated an agreement to get the city out after 10 years but we are told even that would be costly to the city we asked westville, but they declined to aviation department which recommended westfield to mayor emmanuel said the company was unanimously selected by a 20 member to tell you we should committee there emmanuel told me he will soon reveal who those committee members are >> still to come white casey anthony could be a free woman tomorrow even though convicted of lying to police also appeals court makes a ruling on former gov. george ryan spit to be separate and president obama twitter tweaking of republicans.
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wgn news @ 9 president obama became the tweeter in chief taking social media where it has never been before moderated by twitter co- founder jack dorsey twitter town hall follows similar event with facebook in april using social media and re-election campaign could mobilize young voters >> corruption conviction stands stays in prison, george ryan attorneys argued charges should be overturned because prosecutors never proved he took a bribe also argued george ryan should be set free based on eight united states supreme ruling curtailing the so-called honest services laws that have given others, however sent
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united states circuit court of appeals sided with the government's arguments in the case involved bribery and kickbacks, did not budget honest services stuff and two previous appeals served almost three years of a six and half year sentence. >> casey anthony could be freed tomorrow after being acquitted of murdering daughter caylee, all misdemeanors faces sentencing daughter guilty of lying to police, prosecutors say provided what they thought was a strong circumstantial case but the jury did not think it was enough to convict >> i think the family knows a lot more than what came out of the trial but proved they did not prove that was a murder >> the jury must have thought like i do but beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard and i respect the fact that they applied the law to the case as they saw >> the jury deliberated for less than 11 hours following the six week trial >> new york lawyers for accused
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international banker strauss kahn had a good meeting with prosecutors dropping charges reduced or dropped hoping, former head of international monetary fund being sued by the hotel maid for sexual assault what appear to be an iron clad case against the potential french presidential candidate seemed to be falling apart credibility called into question lies and past and present and different versions of what happened >> final mission of space shuttle program scheduled for lift off one of many on friday chicago tribune political cartoonist offer spots on end of an era, scott stantis >> rather than see this as not an ending but beginning of america's next lead to deeper into the solar system the obama administration has decided to have the space program off to private firms couple that with
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technologies space tourism we are going from it this to this: i hear all of the time why should we spent time and money going up there when we have so many problems down here? i always answer the same way. because it is what we do it since at the time we climbed down the tree but wondered what was over the next hill? the next bout that? curiosity and in satiable need to know exploration is what makes us human and when we give that up, when we as a nation decide not to lead the way forward into the unknown, we declare to the world we are no water the whole of the brave but people who have given up their birthright as leaders of the world into unknown
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territory. i did not believe that for a second. do you? that is my stats for now and do not work get to try your hand at this week's cartoon caption contest >> find the contest chicago tribune and coming up reconnecting with nature getting a serious workout as well in your medical watch exercise routine that takes you up into the trees. from setting up the tent to practice and juggling act you to read all would block to a family circus behind the scenes with the zoppe circus coming up.
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wgn news @ 9
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medical watch taking your workout to a whole new level. remember when you were a kid you see a tree and start climbing tree climate became a comeback for adults who want to branch out from their tired old exercise routine mark larson show us how is don >> it is great for you is challenging it is a font workout if you love the outdoors you love trees it is fun and exciting >> after stepping into the harness strapping on my helmet and slipping my hands into the gloves i am ready for the challenge of climbing a 200 year-old oak tree they call goliath >> it will pull her up the tree as she goes up it will slide this knot and it locks as soon as you that go you are locked into position it will be a workout with the upper body and
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one or two legs you can put 2 ft. in there or 1 ft. and they're using your legs to put up >> i thought i had good arm strength but it is challenging you feel it in your court arms and legs and when the muscles begin to tense and way to completely stretch the body and relax the back >> it is an inversion of what you are doing now we can try that you let go and a laid-back lean back stretch your abdominal muscles and get a good stretch it flip your legs up over your head just like that perfect >> it is a workout every time but i just love to do it makes me feel like a different person >> danieal leading the way all of the while overcoming her fear of heights that shaking alphabet is scary shaking a little bit >> it is nice up here about what's your appeared >> there are requirements you
9:27 pm
need to understand certain branches you did not want to talk there is more involved than just climbing any old tree >> howdy get down? >> but the descent is about control. start climbing down a real slow it took me a bit to master the art of letting go >> at the harder you pull faster it will come down >> once on a solid ground we looked back on our >> good job congratulations >> warm but reasonable next tom skilling says a nice breeze off of the lake will keep things nice but the next few days.
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wgn news @ 9 tom skilling july has been gorgeous so far >> what a turnaround after eight very wet spring and june, now too dry. the driest june 22nd- july 2nd. and 140 years of weather records what a gorgeous day this was to have a list clouds bumping up high enough to produce rainshowers over a very
9:31 pm
limited area at a lunch hour we will show you on the radar again towards kaba county tonight, we are in pretty find whether right now likely to stay that way through tomorrow you will see thunderstorms blank to the west of us sending clouds at the high and it made at levels mix it with sunshine tomorrow. do not expect rain. quite a distance to the north and west of us. doppler rains came down lake breeze front to lead and led it produced showers in will and dupage counties and northwest illinois, lone shower towers about 30,000 ft. and yet no light and returns at this point not surprised if we see a flash of lightning. this will move east southeast probably fade away cool for
9:32 pm
tonight, out to the west passing to the south from all indications. monsoon running front watch is in effect places it you do not normally see them. this is a system that produced the dust storm quite healthy and arizona yesterday amazing video from that area. storms out there can blow the dust into the air and make for a dramatic displays for us no dust not even hayes. beautiful one day partly sunny skies. the 11th consecutive day above 80 degrees, 90 days above 85 degrees at this season the most in it some time. 86 at o'hare warmer more humid this weekend. wind rotated clockwise keeping an easterly flow, we
9:33 pm
think it will keep the air dried up. maine and thunderstorms will be clear and on the boundary of this nice area at downstate those of you watching us on the wgn of barakat downstate central illinois or indiana could see storms said to be true in northwest wisconsin keeping as basically out of any major precipitation for awhile. that is where the core of he is right now you can see at this it today animation how the jet stream flows to the west northwest keeping it at bay heavy thunderstorms followed in the area to the south of us pretty good rain which that cluster of storms through central illinois. looks like the heat will make the boat on the area at this weekend load ids by sunday that may spark thunderstorms. could finally bring us some relief from the dry weather. those with highs these are the current
9:34 pm
temperatures. 82 degrees at o'hare. doubt and kansas city 92 degrees at this hour. lovely in the north woods northeast winds blowing in stabilizing the effect on the weather cooling the air and cool air is not boy and does not want to rise and formed showers. dew point 53, a very comfortable jumping to the bay the upper '70's by sunday muggy air moderate mold spores and the pollen with highs west of the lake breeze front of me to get into the '90s. to the south the bus.of us. by the lake tablatures closely to a decrease temperatures. we'll
9:35 pm
talk more and ted that's about the big weekend warm up a bit warmer pattern at this week that could bring thunderstorms which many areas need for tonight there may be an isolated showers less than 10 percent of the areas we showed you want shower across an area out west low temperatures 60-67 tonight northeast wind 4-14 m.p.h. carried over into thursday partly sunny with comfortable temperatures and humidity high 85 degrees and lead at the mid '70s at the beaches dry air war and nicely. scattered clouds. 60 degrees to tomorrow night and friday partly sunny modestly sell high 86 degrees and 80 degrees at the beaches with humidity, back in a noticeable fashion sunday afternoon. seven day forecast coming up >> blast from the past in a town
9:36 pm
near you behind the scenes of a traveling family circus.
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verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. wgn news @ 9 zoppe family circus speaks the
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universal language of a fund family entertaining audiences for seven generations now and the chicago area for most of the ball circus like that and now >> when they come into the tent we want them to know that there are taking a journey with us we want them to be a part of us and us to become a part of that >> is high noon on a beautiful blue sky thursday at central park in the bolingbroke. performers are in costumes there is excitement in the air and the show is about to begin. the circus is romance is a romance is so beautiful >> it has taken five days to prepare for the performance. the shiny new tent alone takes 12 hours to be backeerected, bleachers
9:40 pm
have to be built wood shavings are spread so animals it did not slip and everyone is involved everyone. the same people who do the set up are also stars of the one ring circus. that guy dangling by his knees, all air and a zoppe main attraction, and the clown prince of italy nino batt but no corporate money behind us no finances i am it, tickets we sell here has to pay for all of this a >> the zoppe circus founded by giovanni great grandfather in italy great great grandfather in 1842, father inherited and while touring in europe wriggling brothers called when asked what it will take to come to america he told that an elephant they shipped one and they moved to the united states. zoppe and the wgn the way back to first breath here when mother
9:41 pm
gave birth to head in the wgn parking lot my father was performing on the bozo show, in 66 and time for meo to come so i was there. >> 20 years ago sandra to as her son almost died >> september 30, 1990 i watched my son fall 30 ft. into a coma and they did not give me any hope that he was going to live at i fell head first on my head and i was in a coma for 4 days they said you are not called to go back up and i said absolutely i will go back up it is my life >> also his sister's life carla and her husband rudy dogs now but for many years played tarzan present tigers at carlock perfected the split jump on horseback sister still performs
9:42 pm
as an equestrian ballerina assisted by her husband jay walther, the zoppe legs sixth generation of circus performers. it is clear giovanni children also full of circus blood, giovanni wife amy not bored into the life but for the downers grove native and an illinois state graduate it is something magical a very neat lifestyle we have our home and aurora so we are home for about 10 weeks and is the best of both worlds i >> they live in a trailer sometimes without water or power but would not have it any other way it >> circus is family and as my life i was born on the road and it is all i know at all i want to know >> we are deemed to be at the circus for life no matter what craziest than anybody could be a part of because we have the ability to make people forget their troubles >> the circus opens tomorrow at
9:43 pm
elmwood park high school and a big to be at a said every at all when we can't check out for links with the details at behind the scene photo galleries we will send you a video link to share with friends >> what is so funny about funny cars? find out later in sports as the fastest machines on the planet come to joliet no clowns but they will amuse you. hey, check it out. she's using the mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. i've heard of it, but i haven't seen one up close. what's the word around the sink? that it removes 3 times more soap scum per swipe and it came from outer space. it is not from outer space! no, man, it's from outer space. they're aliens on an intergalactic cleanliness mission. they're here to clean up the universe. oh, the kitchen scrubbers are aliens, too? yeah, look at that greasy kitchen mess. everybody's in on the cleanspiracy, man. i can't even trust myself. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser kitchen and bath scrubbers.
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the clean is out of this world.
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wgn news @ 9 neighbors walked into the streets to talk about the early morning gunfire that killed in nine year-old on the south side and at today's city council meetings share of laughs and the deep space adventure at adler planetarium all captured by photographers >> i was coming out of my garage and i heard shooting so i ran into the house >> here we are at the
9:47 pm
planetarium, and taking a journey >> more photographs tom skilling seven day forecast >> more warm weather on the way this weekend in a moment but at the moment beautiful outside a couple of showers across the area to the west 72 degrees at o'hare airport in the twin cities the real hot air to the west there is a shower popping
9:48 pm
up in northwest indiana a couple of them across cobb county out of lee county, we might keep shower goign this evening here is the model through the night widely scattered showers in suburbs, tomorrow cloud cover not a lot of rain, downstate scattered showers partly cloudy night tomorrow night at war but up to get the forecast next 10 days: fairly moderate shape temperature wise made it-upper 80s and cooler at the lake 90 degrees on a saturday and in the low 90s on a saturday and monday could be near 90 as well the jet stream across the area, 2 in. of
9:49 pm
water evaporated creating thunderstorms reaching a downpours and a seat belts back in again by the middle of next week this is a real summer like pattern taken shape 12th 90 today in rockford, most since 1988 incredible year for a key to in the midwest for heat. 7 day forecast. humidity back scattered thunderstorms possible late saturday 40 percent of the area sunday afternoon could come down with downpours at a stormy at times on monday more going to tuesday and wednesday next week. >> another afternoon of wasted
9:50 pm
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we like to start with the most recent material this is not really news. sad terrible awful what ever you want to say the chicago cubs have played three games and watching ted against a bad nationals team. every time the nikkei downplay you need to drink a beer. nationals 4-2 lead in 6th aramis ramirez deepest part of park, kerry wood on relief worked perfectly. 5-4 final. nationals ago for four games week tomorrow night. in the meantime, edwin jackson bright sunlight for the white sox against kansas city second
9:54 pm
in big trouble deep left field eric hossmer alex rios never found 1-0 kc, sox load it up get only 1 run morel popped, paul struck out quentin out against bruce chen not what ozzie expected >> expectations are higher than what we are doing as a team not producing the but we think we can produce at it is obviously frustrating when you come out every ant that you are going to score runs and you did not >> not too late to vote konerko final voting, frank vogel full time coach of pacers and pyeongchang south of viet 2018
9:55 pm
of the big winter games women's world cup usa against swede and americans have not played that well caught up to them today, penalty kick makes it 1- nil free kick neela fisher game winner now plays mighty brazil, car moves fast when it's standing still nitro fuel burning funny cars in town route 66 raceway and joliet, biggest names in sport tony schumacher and john force trying to steal thunder from the home boy it >> >> we all like to thank you for being here is a very awesome i feel like a football player that are all here to see me >>is your father stopped your
9:56 pm
dad's town but it really is cool what was the question? >> a better concentration behind the wheel i hope, nfl plans to negotiate through the weekend to get a deal done it will lose the chicago bears hall of fame game with st. louis if they did not get a deal finished, use your imagination if you are desperate for football back but still no end in sight for nfl lockout leading many fans wondering if there will be a football season this year can this happen? no it is iowa, other leagues looking for a place to play, anytime always welcome here, ray lewis? let's play some football.
9:57 pm
dad? yes son have a catch. that means you throw it back to me. >> pretty good, cameo there. so that is what swe have now. let's hope for better soon. that is the news have a great night goodbye. the new droid incredible 2. i could use a smartphone with social apps to stay up on what my friends are doing. and it's global, so i'll know what they're doing while they're doing it even when i travel. i'll have to act surprised when they tell me stuff. i don't have a good surprised face. maybe i can look up videos of surprised people on my new phone for reference. yep, i really want that phone. upgrade to the new droid incredible 2 by htc with global capabilities for only $149.99.
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now on america's largest, most reliable high-speed network. verizon.
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